Sunday, October 21, 2012

Still Loving Halloween

I have been having so much fun with Halloween this year.  For my 8 year old grandson, Lance Junior, I made a coffin filled with candy and a surprise skeleton.  The skeleton lies in the bottom of the coffin with Hershey Kisses covering him BUT... when LJ lifts the lid, the kisses go flying and the "hanging" skeleton pops out (hanging from the coffin lid)... such fun.  I found the coffin template on Martha Stewart and the skelton came as part of a skeleton garland from Dollar Tree.  I love it:

Now I am making tootsie pop broom sticks to send along and give out locally.  Will post some photos once I've finished them...


  1. Oh my gosh, this is too stinkin' cute! I am loving the pop up skeleton, I bet Lance Jr. will too! Halloween is fun, isn't it? waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  2. Oh Willow this is just awesome! I know your grandson will just love this candy filled goodie box! Love the cat with the hat!!! You are so funny with the Halloween remark! It is hard to not do the more scary dark side! I just love Halloween crafty stuff!

  3. You shoul link this up to Inspiration Journal for October! It is all about Halloween Decorations!!

  4. How fun is this- I bet it was a huge hit!

  5. Hi Willow, in reply to your blog question: absolutely Willow! I will do a post after the show to let you know how it went, what sold and didn't and booth photos:) Thanks for asking!

    Cute coffins BTW:)

  6. Darling little treats for Halloween, Are you making any for Christmas?

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. ho ho ho!
    hugs Lynn