Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fast Trip from Halloween Through Christmas!!!

It's not that I haven't been creating, more like I haven't been posting.  Aha, but wait til you see what I've been up to.  I joined a swap and for the first time on this group, Character Constructions, and it definitely was a challenge.  It was a holiday doll swap.  We made paperdolls to swap with one another.  Mine is made from paper except for the hair, lace and ribbon and honestly, it was soooo out of my comfort zone having never done anything like this before...but... I LOVED MAKING HER!!!  And without further ado here is my sweet holiday paperdoll and no, I didn't name her because she really wasn't mine and I thought the person who would adopt her should name her...

So, before I began I hunted Dollar Tree for items I thought would work in making her.  LOL... I did not use one thing I bought.  Instead, I used this blond doll hair I have been hanging on to literally for years (I can no longer even remember why I had it).  The lace (her capes and another kind on her collar and cuffs) were things I had in my craft room and her top and skirt are papers I have had for years!!!  The newest thing on her was the Tim Holtz tinsel and the kraft cardstock LOL...  So now, I am sure in 5 years I will be wondering why the heck I ever bought white rose petals, kid's white opera gloves, and a silly little green tutu... rofl, but hold on to them I will.  Anyone need some blond doll hair???  I still have enough to create a runway of paperdolls.
Ok, so I have been following this you tube channel.  This woman is insanely creative or perhaps just insane (LOL) she creates constantly, in all kinds of categories from crafts to crochet to recipes and who knows what else, but I just love watching her videos that catch my eye and one in particular just had to be tried.  Here is my personally made snow globe using a clear plastic cup rofl sounds silly huh?  Oh by the way, I did use something I bought at Dollar Tree, the garland around the base of the snow globe...  so, here is the cute little centerpiece I made for my daughter's dining room table.

Is that not just too darn cute????  Check out Hectanooga1   Be prepared if you subscribe to her channel you could get as many as 3 or more videos in a day, LOL.  She is certainly very prolific and extremely creative!!!  I also love her "papier mache" crafts and plan on trying them soon!!!! 

And finally, I wish you all joy, creativity and above all peace for the next year and all those to follow... 

Thanks for visiting!!!  I'll end with a card I made for an online friend whose creativity inspires me so much!!!

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  1. wow, I LOVE your paper doll, she looks like a Victorian caroler to me, great job. Also like your snow globe, I will check out this you tube person :) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)