Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Just Fell in Love

 Yes I have fallen in love...as a kid I loved Halloween and when my kids and grandkids were young I continued to love Halloween but... as I got older and they stopped dressing up, I just kind of fell out of love with Halloween.  However, I just took this incredible class at my local scrapbook store, For Keeps Sake, and I fell in  love with Halloween all over again.  So, of course I have to share what brought back the spark...here it is:

So if you can't figure out what this altered art started as here are some close ups:

Have you figured it out???  YEP...it's a rat trap...LOL...who wouldn't love to alter a rat trap...hahahaha!!!  It was such fun (Thanks for a great time, Nancy!!)  and I absolutely love how each of our traps turned out.   I am especially fond of mine!  LOL  I hope you enjoy my little creation...it is going to be a gift to a dear friend who HATES rats and all rodents.  I thought it would be the perfect little gift.  Well maybe not the last page of the note pad at the bottom.  I just had to provide a little trick with this great big treat, right??? So the very last page has an image of a rat with Boo! stamped on it!  I think she'll scream...now that's my idea of fun!!!  Sick aren't I??!!!  Hope you like it...


  1. LOL, I think your friend will think of you everytime she sees it...now as to what she thinks about you everytime is another story! I have got to make me one of these...is it a real trap? I'm going to feel gross just buying one! lol This is a lot of fun! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  2. the coffin boxes look great! I love halloween too!

  3. Yikes!! You are quite the brave Halloween gal! I love what you have done with this Rat Trap, love it, but I won't touch it! Hugs!