Friday, March 30, 2012

Finally Some Photos!

Thanks to my girlfriend Carole, who along with my granddaughters is most often the recipient of the jewelry I make, I have pictures (nice ones at that) of 2 pieces of my work, the first being a very early piece and the second my absolute latest, her birthday present, completed and given to her yesterday.  Enjoy...

Friday, March 16, 2012


I have not been on my blog in so long I thought it was gone... LOL.  I have not been working in paper for so long that I have had nothing to share with my paper loving friends.  For the past year or more I have been cuttin' only wire and/or beading thread and have not been photographing my work before giving it away.  Though my goal for this year is to begin to sell my jewelry, I am also thinking about getting somewhat into papercrafting again.  Tim's online class is very tempting... Anyway, was just checking to be sure my old blog was still around. 

I did purchase a photography studio to photograph my jewelry but haven't every used it.  Plan to soon practice and then start posting my jewelry hopefully!!  Take care anyone who happens to read this and know I am still alive and well and crafting!!!