Monday, December 9, 2013

Five Months Later

No, it didn't take me this long to move and settle in. I moved in at the end of July and immediately left for LA to be with my brother.  He fought the good fight but in the end the cancer won, and he passed on Sept. 16. I have had a much harder time dealing with his death than I thought I would, because we all knew it was inevitable, but I miss him daily and just wish I could hear his laugh one more time or his "Hey Sis, what's up?"

I have 2 photos of my brother and I to share here; the first was taken in April 2013 when he took a solitary road trip from CA to MA (he was already on hospice). This was  taken when he stopped in St. Louis to see me.  The second one was taken in August in CA shortly before he died and yes, I am sitting on my big brother's lap. I love both photos sooooo much!!!

I love and miss you One Bad Rev.  You are always in my heart .