Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ella's Valentine's Card

Red Lead Paperworks provided the wonderful inspiration for my Great Niece's V-day card.  They are a local store with incredible goodies, including their own stamps, and they offer it all online.  Just click the link and check out the shabby chic nature of their art and art supplies!!!  You won't be disappointed.  Well they published an adorable idea for buttons.  They wired their buttons together but I decided to just glue them with Glossy Accents.  The fun part is that some of those buttons were my mom's, Ella's Great Grandmother.  I thought it would be fun to send the card and then Ella and Eden (her mom, my niece) could try to guess which buttons are which.  I have a key to which are which to share with them once they have tried to figure it out.  Anyway the card is simple but very sweet I think. The buttons are from various sources including my mom's button tin (a Louis Sherry candy tin).  The paper is from Daisy D's and the tags on the inside were made from my Sizzix die.  The floss is from The Angel Company.  enjoy...

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  1. i love it Willow! i think i'll try a button creation too! inspiring. xo