Friday, January 14, 2011

Operation Write Home Challenge

Hi Everyone, Hope you new year is a going just as you planned!!!

Operation Write Home challenged us to use only our scraps to make cards.  I thought that was a great idea and I had the perfect stamp to do that's a Gina K. stamp perfect for paper piecing.  This is what it looks like stamped...

Then I set about choosing just the right scrap colors to create a pleasing composition... so far, so good.  Next I started cutting each section.  Unfortunately, I used the stamp itself as the guide for the pieces (as I think about it, how the heck did I even do that????) Anyway, I cut all 10 pieces before I realized that the shaped pieces were all backwards!!  Are we having fun yet???  Not only did the cutting take hours, but then, I had to start all over using the stamped image as the guide.  LOL... gee, I don't think this is what OWH had in mind for making multiple cards...  I do like my finished project, which looks better IRL, cuz, every little imperfection shows up on the scan and not so much on the actual card... anyway, I am glad I completed it and even though afterward I wondered why I didn't just cut squares and rectangles and overlap them, I am also happy that I chose to do it just the way I did.  I might try this card again because I love the idea of it, even if mine is less than perfect.   Here it is:

Have a wonderful crafty day everyone!!!


  1. Very nice Willow! Beautiful colors and papers! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Beautiful!!! Love those colors.

  3. beautifully done Willow, as always! xo

  4. I like the "quilt" look. That would be a nice stamp to have, although, I probably would just make rectangles and squares and overlap.