Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another OWH "Scraps" Card

This morning I watched Dawn Griffiith's video and was inspired to make a similar card using my scraps of course.  I really am looking for something simple enough that I can make tons of them but alas, I am one who can make any seemingly easy project difficult!!!  LOL... well here is my take on her adorable card!!  I love it's simplicity in that you use essentially one piece of cardstock.  I will keep working on this card because I just love the idea of it.  In my card, the patterned paper (smaller circles) is some of the oldest I own.  Seriously, it is from my very first days of cardmaking/rubber stamping... talk about hoarding!!!  Ok, here it is:

What I love about this card is that though it is only one piece of cardstock, it can still stand up.  I just like that it is a little bit different than a standard card.  I am off now to try to simplify my process, to make it, as Dawn would say, easy-peasy!!!  While you are at her studio, check out some of her other videos.  She has some great tutorials and she has a great laugh!!!

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