Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 2 and 3 of tim's 12 tags of Christmas

Well, to my loyal follower Terry, LOL, thanks so much sweetie for your kind comments, here are the tags I managed to create.  I really want to do yesterday's tag but haven't had the time.  Terry and anyone else who stumbles on this blog, enjoy!!!


  1. Well look at you!! These tags are fabulously gorgeous! The the ornament hanging from the branch is so clever of you!!! Love them both!! I am doing my 12 Tags after the Holidays, because I just am not very motivated to get the Holiday stuff done!!!! Help me!!!

  2. hi sweet Willow i'm so glad you are back. i was thinking to email you to be sure you were ok. congrats on the 36 lbs, very impressive. please take good care. i am also a member of terry's fan club -- how does she manage to be the 1st to comment on every blog post? anyway willow your tage are gorgeous (especially the bird!!!) and i know that everyone needs a break sometimes but your work is so lovely please don't take another break any time soon, ok? much love, michele