Monday, March 4, 2013

SHOCK!!! I made a piece of Jewelry

My usual pattern is to either play with papercrafts OR play with beads and wire; not both at the same time though... until now.  It was my daughter's 42nd birthday (and she's my baby, egad time flies) anyway, I always make my own cards, not a problem but I wanted to surprise her with a piece of jewelry because she knows I haven't been making any for quite some time. 

There are 2 blogs I follow because the gals are so darn creative in soooo many areas.  Now I love altered art but  Bev at Flamingo Toes  takes it to a whole new level.  Check out her altered dresser, it's awesome!!! Well, she and her blogosphere friend, Michele, at the Scrap Shoppe decided to do a "Jewelry Week" where for each of 5 days each one had a jewelry tutorial to share and honestly it was so much fun to follow them, especially when on the first day Michele had an incredible necklace that I really wanted to make (if only I was in my playing with beads phase, LOL).  Well, not too long after that I realized Drea's birthday was fast approaching... I had to give that necklace a try... here is the result.  Drea loved it and Michele, I hope I did you proud...

But, hey I loved how her birthday card turned out as well.  It started with my playing with Fantasy Film (y'all remember that right?) I loved how the butterfly turned out (even though I burned it just a bit... LOL)  I ended up building the card around that butterfly using a background technique video I found on Gina K's blog  (this link will take you directly to the video).  In my photos, I was trying to capture the sparkle of the butterfly (not an easy thing), so here are a couple of pics:

Whew long post today... thanks for taking the time to stop by!


  1. What a gorgeous necklace and how could Drea not love it??? The card is stunning as well! That butterfly looks amazing on that embossed background! Beautiful!!!

  2. Your necklace turned out so fabulous Willow!! I love those colors! I'm so glad you enjoyed Jewelry week - Michele and I had a blast doing it!
    I really like your card too!

  3. Wow, what a pretty necklace. They are in my favourite colours. Your card is super cute too. Thanks for the links.

  4. A little birdie told me you tried the braided necklace tutorial. ;)
    I love, love, LOVE your spin on it! I'm so glad you enjoyed Jewelry Week. Seeing projects like this make me so glad we did it!!

  5. stunning jewelry!!!!!!!!!!!!! love that butterfly on the card.

  6. Hello wwilloww.... dont know if Leigh saw your comment on DOMINOART as she is having internet issues.... if you havent heard from her please email me at and i'll help you out with what you requested.
    Love the necklace by the way...

  7. Really gorgeous necklace!!! I would buy this. It's sooooo pretty and well made. Your daughter must have LOVED it! Amazing butterfly, too, on a beautiful card. It looks like a piece of jewelry, itself. Love how the colors of the card match the necklace.

  8. Yes Mom, I love my new necklace! I got to wear it today in the beautiful, sunny St. Louis weather. It was beautiful with a simple black dress. I even wore my hair curly because the dress was so exotic looking. ;-)

    Tomorrow I get to take Mom out for my birthday. We are getting pedicures and then going to her favorite, Sweet Tomatoes.

    Thanks again for the prezzie Mom, it's definitely beautiful!