Friday, April 8, 2011


That from someone who hardly ever wins anything... LOL... I follow Terry's Work in Progress blog.  She has become a cyber friend, especially after helping me get my blog started but also because we are in several online groups together.  WELL...  I was totally blessed to win 1 of her 2 prize give aways for her 1-year blogaversary!!!!  AND IT CAME TODAY!!!!  What a stash!!!  Just oodles of wonderful goodies to play with!! BUT the greatest thing I received from Terry was a beautiful tag she had made for Grungy Monday!!  I loved it when I saw it online (as I do most of Terry's work!!!) but let me tell you, it doesn't hold a candle to it's real life beauty!!!  Here it is:
I just love it!!!  Aren't I lucky????  I am so thrilled.  THANK YOU SO MUCH TERRY!!!


  1. You are too sweet, Willow! Glad the packaged arrived safe and sound and thank you for letting me know! Hope you enjoy all the goodies and can use them! BTW, that little hammer is amazing. I use it all the time now to flatten the backside of brads, so the lay smoother! Have a lovely weekend my friend!

  2. Congrats on yr win! Thanks for yr kind words on my blog today. To make the ribbon rosette:
    Twist ribbon with my fingers than starting in the middle of doublesided tape form a circle. I remove the whole thing from my worktable and fold the ends of the tape under the circular rosette and stick it on my project. Hope that helps.take care,gerri